firmware huawei 7D-501L-HP (MediaPad X1 )

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fix stuck on logo (bootloop) 7D-501L-HP

Official firmware MediaPad X1 7D-501L-HP flash file

Solve the Huawei 7D-501L-HP baseband problem

Solve the Huawei 7D-501L-HP imei problem

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7D-501L-HP C500B011C500-330.00MB$2.00/0.00155514
7D-501L-HP C500B006C500-663.00MB$2.00/0.00155514
7D-501L-HP C500B003C500-289.00MB$2.00/0.00155514
7D-501L-HP C209B008C209-1008.00MB$2.00/0.00155514
7D-501L-HP C170B001C170-860.00MB$2.00/0.00155514
7D-501L-HP C129B111C129-656.05MB$2.00/0.00155514
7D-501L-HP C100B102C100-997.00MB$2.00/0.00155514


official firmware huawei 7D-501L-HP last build number:

After using for a while the MediaPad X1   phone, problems will arise for this phone. We mention some of the common problems of this phone below, which can be solved by downloading the 7D-501L-HP firmware.

These problems include:

network and imei problem

Touch problem, camera failure

Bluetooth problem, battery problem,

SIM card problem, WiFi not working in 7D-501L-HP ,

Problem with 7D-501L-HP baseband, etc. for your phone.

In this post, the Huawei Gsmfirms team decided to prepare the official Huawei 7D-501L-HP firmware to fix such errors and other errors that occur for the Huawei MediaPad X1 (7D-501L-HP ). It should be noted that the official  firmware 7D-501L-HP The  is the latest build released by Huawei for this model.

On Huawei brand phones, you can go to (Settings> About Device> Build Number) in the settings section to view the build number, build number and region of the device.

Tip 1: When downloading the 7D-501L-HP ROM, pay attention to the  phone area (C185, C636, C432)

Tip 2: When choosing  7D-501L-HP firmware, pay attention to the phone build number  that it must be same or higher than your phone build number.

For HiSilicon and Qualcomm processors, Huawei phones are provided with firmware based on region and area of phones. You can not flash the firmware of another country on a phone ordered from another region.

Advantages of downloading the official Huawei MediaPad X1 ROM 7D-501L-HP :

The latest build of Huawei JKM-KX1 firmware

Solve the Huawei 7D-501L-HP imei problem

Solve Huawei 7D-501L-HP Baseband Problem

fix stuck on logo(bootloop) 7D-501L-HP

removal of Huawei 7D-501L-HP system viruses

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