Huawei ANE-L23 dump and boot repair file


Huawei ANE-L23 tested dump fileĀ 

repair Boot and raw emmc programing

Contains Rom1, Rom2, Rom3 and extcsd files

Safe and guaranteed dump

Money back guarantee in case of non-functioning

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Huawei ANE-L23 dump file:

ANE-L23 dump file is in fact a complete backup of all data inside the hard drive (emmc), which includes user data, Imei network, security files, etc.
The ANE-L23 dump file contains three main files

These three files are backed up entirely from a healthy ANE-L23 hard drive, allowing you to easily burn to a ANE-L23 raw hard drive.
The ANE-L23 dump rom1 file has a high volume because it also contains user data.
In addition to these original rom1, rom2, rom3 files of Huawei ANE-L23, there is another file with extcsd extension. The task of this file is to perform the ANE-L23 hard drive configuration operation.
Dump files are often used for chipsets other than MediaTek. In MediaTek chipsets, configuring the hard drive is enough.
For other processors (Qualcomm, Exynos, Silicon, Intel, etc.), burning the dump file makes it easier to start the phone after replacing the hard drive.

Some usage of ANE-L23 emmc dump file performance:

When the hard drive has a problem, it can be fully repair with dump file

Used when the phone hangs and gets stuck on the logo

After replacing the hard drive, it will be written on the hard drive


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