Samsung a205f root file


  • fully tested file with step by step tutorial
  • no baseband problem after root
  • No  getting stuck on the logo problem after rooting
  • flash with odin .no software box need
  • Without losing the imei after root

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Android 10 Binary 7$2.00/0.00155514
Android 9.0 Binary 6$2.00/0.00155514
Android 9.0 Binary 5$2.00/0.00155514
Android 9.0 Binary 4$2.00/0.00155514
Android 9.0 Binary 3$2.00/0.00155514
Android 9.0 Binary 2$2.00/0.00155514
Android 9.0 Binary 1$2.00/0.00155514


Samsung a205f root file:

root the Samsung a205f (Samsung a20 root file) gives you access such as, access to software boxes to a205f repair serial number and software changes in Samsung a205f, removal of unnecessary a205f programs, repair of a205f also baseband and solve Hang on The logo a205f problem, and Full software access and control over the a205f is one of the benefits of the a205f root

Advantages of the a205f  root file via odin:

  • solve the a205f ng status problem after cert patch

  • Solve the problem of unknown a205f baseband after rooting

  • No network problems after factory reset

  • Install magisk software on a205f

  • Fully tested file with step by step tutorial

  • Solve the problem of getting stuck on the a205f logo

  • a205f imei repair

additionally None of the problems in the root through the custom recovery twrp (unknown a205f base band after rooting, ng status a205f  after rooting, not registering on a205f network after rooting through custom recovery and not registering on a205f network after patch cert, which only occur in rooting via twrp, do not occur.

Notes / Warning!

  1. Use at your own risk
  2. Using the incorrect file may brick your device.
  3. If  target device has a custom firmware flash counter, Rooting will trigger it.
  4. Rooting will trip the KNOX WARRANTY VOID status !
  5. Make sure to backup your important data before root it.


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